Solar Energy of Tucson

We are turning Solar Power on its face, recreating the business model. By using technology, economies of scale and eliminating costs, we can give you the best solar system for the lowest cost, all backed by a 30 year, end to end insurance policy on parts and labor.


About our Solar Ability

Solar Energy of Tucson is a residential Solar Power Installation & Consulting Firm with 25 Years in Industry. We are an Independent Powur Consultant. Powur Solar is one of the Fastest Growing Solar Energy firms in North America, with World Class Partners and the ability to offer you First-in-Class Solar Energy.


Is Solar Right for You?

Zero Down Payment! Many Start Saving from Day One!

What most Solar Companies don't talk about is the "soft costs" of solar -- customer marketing, acquisition, permitting, CAD, commissions and having a large staff of sales people. We have eliminated most of the soft costs in our unique business model, so we can sell you the best system at the lowest price -- installed (in AZ) by the largest solar installer in the state one of the largest in the US!


Custom Tailored Solar Solutions

We Ascertain What's the Right Fit for You!

We spend time answering all of your questions and ensure that you have the very best system for the price/budget and give you piece of mind. If you're not comfortable, we don't want you to buy it. We're 100% sure you won't have regrets. Just the right way to do business!

Free Consultations

Total Transparency Throughout

We have the ability, leveraging World Class Purchasing, Design, Permitting, Financing and Installation through Powur, to give you the best experience in going clean energy and helping to save the Environment!


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