• Mike Pfirrman

AZ Solar Energy Startup, Backed by 20+ Years of Renewable Energy Experience and World-Class Partners

Mike Pfirrman, Founder, was a Pioneer in Sustainability/Clean Energy

Mike Pfirrman always had a passion for the Environment! Years ago, he attended Law School with the strong desire to help change the world -- that was until he decided he hated law!

Mike has founded four companies. He's a sought after advisor for Startup companies in the Cleantech, Biotech and Specialty Construction industries. He's on the board of one of the most exciting Energy Retrofit companies in North America.

Partnered, as an Independent Powur Representative, with World-Class partners in Design, Purchasing, Permitting, Finance and Installation, Mike is now able to offer you the opportunity to help change the world and benefit yourself at the same time.

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